just for ACro dancers


quantum acrobatics 2020

just for acro dancers.

Welcome to Quantum Acrobatics.  An event created just for acro dancers by Wharton Event Management in 2018.  We recognize that Acrobatics is a specialized art, and bring you an ideal format for acrobatic dancers, with appropriate venues and an experienced and qualified judging panel. We feel that all dancers deserve recognition and acknowledgement, whether they take one hour of classes per week or fifteen.

Our events are designed for dancers of all ability levels to excel in an environment created just for them.  Our awards, schedules and judges are carefully selected, and we are passionate about running great events.  Since 2001, we have grown to 14 competitions throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Please take a few minutes to browse our site, connect with us on social media and be sure to say hi!

We're so glad you're here.

Created in 2018 just for acro dancers.

Four different levels, Positive atmosphere and Acrobatic Adjudicators.

The Quantum Challenge at the end of the event.

one event only in 2020.

See you on stage.





just for ACro dancers